cloud softwareDo you want an organised business?
Do you want to protect your data?


Do you have too much paper,
and want a paperless office
or an office with less paper?


Do you want bespoke Excel, Word
and PowerPoint documents
but don’t have time to learn?


Do you want to use cloud software
but don’t know what’s available
or how it can help your business?

Do you want a shiny new website,
or to rebrand your business
but can’t afford expensive fees?


Do you want to protect your data
and know more about encryption,
password management and 2FA?


If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above,
I can help you.


I have over twenty years experience,
working within both corporate
and small business environments.


I have helped clients get organised by
creating bespoke Excel spreadsheets,
Word and PowerPoint documents.


I’ve developed websites, designed logos,
and ensured branding is consistent
across platforms and documentation.


I am thorough, have a keen eye for detail,
and deliver excellent customer service.
But take my clients’ words for it, not mine.


My name is James Burrows
and I am a business consultant
from Maidstone, Kent, England.


I have a generalist set of skills;
recognise my limitations and
engage other experts when needed.


We are project managers, graphic designers,
website developers and virtual assistants.


We excel in MS Office; WordPress;
cloud-solutions; secure encryption;
and organising & protecting data.


Together, we are jigsaw kloud.
Read our blog about our services.




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