You need to organise and protect your data.
But it’s hard deciding which software is right.
Why change how your business works?
What are the benefits and risks of changing?
Which options give best value for money?
Is the software scalable and customisable?
How simple is it to learn and integrate?
We help you make informed decisions.
We help organisations #piecethejigsaw
Organising your data and implementing
suitable software for your business.
Cloud Storage Backup data automatically
eFiling A paperless office for your business
Electronic Signatures Bye-bye, snail mail
Staff-Leave Planner As good as a holiday

Bespoke spreadsheets to cloud software,
we crunch numbers into something useful.
Cost Analysis Understand your ins & outs
Cloud Finances Invoicing & accounting
Excel Tailored to your business needs
Management Accounts Number sense

From setting up your Windows PC to

helping you securely protect your data.
Data Security Passwords 2FA, Encryption

Zoho CRM, Email, Invoice, Vault
VPN What is it? Why do you need it?
Password Manager Juggle with ease
App Fantastic android apps 2019
Mythbusters 7 Cloud Myths
CRM #1 What is a CRM?
CRM #2 Why you need a CRM
CRM #3 Who needs a CRM?
CRM #4 When install a CRM?
CRM #5 Where to find a CRM
Fire up t’internet MiFi & Hotspots
2 Future 4 U? The Internet of Things
Support Remote help via TeamViewer
Shortcuts Keyboard Ninja Level 1


Website, logo, brand and graphic design,
social media planning & video creation.
Website Design
 Look great, function well
Social Media  Consistent content & branding
Animated Videos Message to impress
Postal Marketing Old school tactics
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