Small businesses are inundated with information on how to be more productive, manage their time better, be competent in Administration, IT, Finance, Marketing, and save money. Finding the time (and money), however, to research the many options is another matter. jigsaw kloud is here to help.
We save businesses time by implementing the right software for their needs.
We save businesses money by finding the most competitive business energy deals.
Our blogs will show you how to operate more efficiently, identify the right software for your business needs, protect your data and devices, market your business, and save money on business energy bills.
If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us.
Cloud Technology
What is ‘the cloud’?
7 Myths about the cloud
The Internet of Things
android apps 2018
Remote Computer Support
MiFi & Hotspots can improve rural internet
Cloud Software & Productivity
Business Efficiency
Cloud-based Software
Zoho Productivity Suite
What is a CRM system?
Why do you need a CRM?
Who should use a CRM?
When implement a CRM?
Where to find a great CRM
Signing Documents Electronically
Cloud Invoicing, Bookkeeping & Accounting

Managing Employee Holiday & Sick Leave
Cloud Protection and Security
Data Security
Password Manager
Smartphone Security and VPN’s
Cloud Marketing
Website Design
Social Media
Postal Marketing …via the cloud!
Animated Marketing Videos
Business Energy
Energy Broker Services
Business Energy Savings
Business Energy Calculator
Smart Meter = Smart Billing

Business Energy: What Are Your Options?
Lead Referrals: Earn 50% Commission
Trumped by Artificial Intelligence
Maidstone Mencap website
Sponsored Acatenango Volcano Hike


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Why The Web 3.0 Matter and you should know about it The change to a new paradigm shift call…

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