Save time and money
We deliver business savings on energy, and streamline work processes by identifying suitable software.
We saved one client £40,000 a year.
Ensure you’re working profitably
Our system will detail how much profit or loss you are making on a particular contract.
Deliver excellent customer service
Our CRM system helps manage multiple customers and projects; making information easy to access.
Manage your business finances
We have a simple, yet powerful, invoicing system giving a clear and concise overview of business finances, which will automatically chase late payments.
Organise your paperwork
Are you still filing (and sometimes losing) paperwork in that old steel cabinet?
Our electronic system means documents are easy to find & automatically backed-up.
Market your business
We can help your sales campaigns with trackable online mailers and newsletters;
design a mobile-optimised website and create a logo to promote your business.
Stay connected: whenever & wherever
Whether you’re in the office, on the road or in the middle of a field; our systems are cross-platform: access important information on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Relax…you’re in safe hands
Our after-sale service includes a telephone helpline and/or remote computer support.
How we charge
We offer a one-hour, no fee, no obligation meeting to identify issues we can resolve.
A report proposing recommendations for action will be produced.
Rates: £33/hr
Business Analysis: 15% of savings
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