cloud servicesWe help businesses implement cloud services to organise and protect their data.


CRM (10 free users & paid subscriptions)
Manage multiple customers and projects;
access your business information easily.


Email (25 free addresses: 5GB/user)
Access email from any device, anywhere;
professional and reliable cloud-based client.


Invoicing (free & paid subscription)
A clear overview of all invoices,
with late payments chased automatically.


Password Manager (free/paid subscription)
Juggle hundreds of passwords across numerous devices with ease.


Encryption (free & paid subscription)
Protect data in the cloud and on devices;
encrypting data for good GDPR practice.


Bespoke Apps (free & paid subscription)
Create a bespoke app to meet specific needs for your business challenges.


Web and brand design, and social media;
we ensure consistency across platforms.


Business Energy
We find the best deals for UK businesses
with our Business Energy Broker Services.


To find out how we can help you, contact us.

cloud services