Cost Analysis

We improve business operations by implementing cost-effective solutions. We analysed and streamlined one client’s operational costs, saving them over £40k a year. We analysed how much time and money was spent on overheads and processes. We streamlined the business finances and delivered value for money.


  • Renegotiated supplier contracts. Streamlined supply base and reduced annual material costs by £15k.


  • Recruited a surveyor to replace the incumbent who was retiring. We reduced the annual HR cost by £12k.


  • Searched the insurance market for Fleet, and Public & Employer Liability insurance. Reduced premiums by £6k.


  • Implemented cloud-based accounting software to manage finances. Halved administration time and reduced annual costs by £3.8k.


  • Replaced old and slow PCs with new and efficient machines. Administration time saved was equal to £1.8k in first year, and £2.5k the next.


  • Utilised cloud-based storage to automate data backups. This reduced administration time and delivered an annual saving of £1.25k.


  • Allowed an expensive lease-hire printer contract to expire. Purchased a suitable replacement and saved £1.1k a year in rental costs.


  • Streamlined and renegotiated utilities (incl. energy, mobiles and internet). Delivered a cost-saving of £1k a year.


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