MiFi & Hotspots

MiFi and Hotspots can work wonders for connectivity if you work in a rural location. Perhaps your internet is acceptable most of the day but struggles when children and adults return from school or work. If so, you know how frustrating it can be sending and receiving emails or simply the internet.


One possible solution is a MiFi device. Think of it as the love child of a mobile device and a router: smartphone mobility with broadband speeds. Whilst it may mean incurring additional costs for your business, you may think the extra cost is worthwhile considering the benefits of a reliable internet connection at all times.


Alternatively, your 3G/4G smartphone can create a hotspot (known as tethering), which may provide a stronger internet connection than your home broadband – especially at peak times. Simply turn on your phone’s hotspot and connect wirelessly to your computer. Be mindful of your network provider’s data restrictions (especially with tethering); otherwise, you could incur significant charges. Most providers allow a cap on data usage to prevent exceeding monthly allowances. You can find some of the best value MiFi and smartphone deals (large data allowance and wide network coverage) on uSwitch.

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