Where to find a CRM

Map out and ingrain your sales process:

  • How do potential customers find you and how do they get into your CRM?
  • What happens to those leads once they are in your CRM?
  • What steps does your business follow when a lead is received?
  • What happens when your sales team closes a deal?

Train your staff how to use the CRM

  • Does your team understand why you’re implementing a CRM system?
  • Is your business aware of the time-saving benefit the CRM will provide?
  • Does your business understand the customer lifecycle and how a CRM can help?.

Use workflow automation to avoid repetition

  • What actions are performed on every lead, contact, project…and can it be automated?
  • What specific tasks should be automatically assigned to a salesperson once they receive or convert a lead?
  • Is there information from one module that if changed should update information another module?

Now, you know the what, why, who and when of a CRM system, it’s time to decide where you go from here. If you have any questions or would like to find out how we can help your business, contact us.